on the end we only regret chances we did not take

Is this blog any good for you?

Best to check if you recognise yourself slightly in any of the below descriptions.

Are you to some extent……?

  • An obsessive workaholic control freak with a health issue, who ran out of socially and rationally accepted normal solutions and considering totally irrational solutions at this point ?
  • Or a female fertile time ticking bomb who is in into anything that “fixes” you even if it is a blessed banana?
  • One of those mind opening cocktail-drinking -whilst-waiting-for-a- spiritual-healthy-life dreamers , who are into everything -but considers a stay in a clinic in India a bridge too far?
  • Last but not least one of those lucky few respected person in society with a reputation to lose if soon proclaiming to go to India to be cured by eating a miracle banana?

…………..or are you just like me

A woman (even I also fit the 3 least attractive profiles above), who did not really know Ayurveda and was kind of critical with that kind of “stuff'”: curing herbs, pulse diagnosis….. and now as it seems healing bananas. A woman who was diagnosed by doctors with 1% chance of having a baby.

So what’s there to lose?

Going to India, get dirty, dive into Ayurveda and eat blessed bananas


Hyderabad 2014 Krishna Night

Many people, to whom I told my stories to, have asked me to share my experiences and pictures. Not as a proof in black in white that I am just crazy like my ayurvedic stories. But not to keep just for myself the remarkable stories and unbelieve experiences people have shared with me and physically showed in front of me. My wish is that this will inspire you to explore solutions that go beyond our comfort zone and help any kind of illness somebody is facing.

Did this ayurveda experience beat my impossible 1% chance and did my wish for a baby come true?

This is what you will find out..in fact together with me.

Despite all other’s people stories….My only absolute proof.


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    1. ….hi!….thanks for your reply….You are right….there is one post now as I started only today :0) ….tomorrow one other one will come….I will be posting everyday one day of my journey, the treatments have a total indian logic I guess as they seem for europeans totally bananas, but whom am I to judge as this medicine science exists many hundreds more than the European one…but the main purpose of this trip was to eat those blessed bananas, which I did. Tomorrow there will be more to say about bananas…..so read it tomorrow.

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