10 ways how to pull yourself together and follow your gut feeling…in front and despite the rest of the world.

Can I get something out of my chest first? I have something on my mind that is keeping me chained. I need to unleash it. Do you mind?

I promise that after this, I’ll continue my journey with you on Ayurvedic India. I can’t deliver and bring you an imaginary journey if something in my mind is clearly pulling the cord.

Some people have been asking me why I am putting this very intimate story including all painful track records out, very openly and so detailed under the global microscope. Was I not scared to put so much, not to say everything, out there in the merciless open?

Yes, I am scared. I am totally terrified. I am in free fall hoping something or somebody will be catch me at the very end. Just like the famous “trust test”.

In moments of courage when I felt safe enough to listen to my heart, I cut the knot, pulled out my guts and started this, for me, raw cut eye opening blog.  Every time I write, or for a moment when I start doubting, I feel my 10 “travel buddies” holding my hand and reminding me to never give up and DREAM ……BIG

Let me introduce them to you and let them open your gate too…go crazy, go weird, go whatever you want and surprise me and yourself:

  1. Fear is your worst advisor
  2. fearDont let 1001 rational hurdles stop you. We are only using 10% of our brains whereas you can follow 100% your hearth and take 10% of brain along.
  3. brain peninFollow your heart and just put out what’s there, even if it hurtswrite huts
  4. Overcome shame and proud:  anything put in a deep dark dungeon will sooner or later stinkdungeons
  5. Writing is healingc71def210ffaa5af9c1d9872ac271c07
  6. You don’t have to go through it all alone. Share your story and expect the beautiful unexpected to happene714f7ba05a5c9ba799c4dbc723cd7a0
  7. Help others. You don’t need a reason for helping other, but you will feel, you rise when lifting others audrey
  8. Be courageous and don’t give up at the end of the comfort zone there is whole new world opening uptrust
  9. Relax and smile
    get out of it alive
  10. There is no absolute truth. Not even the above 9 fellows. Just find out yours and the heck with everything elseorginal thought

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