Ayurvedic India Day 4-5: Banana treatment ending soon looking forward for my pulse diagnose #Ayurveda

Paranormal pulse

I had two more days to go to end the Ayurvedic banana treatment here at the Raju Clinic in Hyderabad and I was ready for the next step.

Whereas in Germany I only did 3 days of banana during the days of biggest flow, here in India you have to go till the very last drop, which in my case lasted 5 long, long days.

After 5 days of isolation upon arrival in India, I was really craving for some “normal” food (whatever that may be in Ayurvedic India) and for some ET contact with my own “species”. I lost appetite after only eating milk rice 3 times per day and having only hot water on the menu. The rest of the time I spend it fighting with my mosquito at night. Finally, the night when he actually disappeared, I even ended up missing him.

On top of it all, I did not even see any Indian Ayurvedic doctor (the Vaidya) yet. I was not allowed to. When you are in the “red zone”, you are considered impure and my “dirty” status would contaminate his “connection with the powers of the universe”, I guess. I have been told they have to go home, wash and scrub themselves if by chance they even slightly touch any part of an impure body. So don’t shake hands when you see him and wait till you have completely dried up.

As you can imagine I was dying to see the Vaidya. In the meanwhile, my neighbour Patrick lighted up even more my curiosity when he had debriefed me about what these people do as it is simply incredible and for what he had told me, in my eyes all in a quite unorthodox way.

Simply by holding Patrick’s pulse with his finger tops, he felt not only what you were suffering about right now but also what has happened in your past. The Vaidya asked him “Did you broke something 15 years ago”. At that moment, my neighbour was puzzled but after a while when he already got out of the clinic, it did ring a bell. He did indeed 15 years ago brake his shoulder bone. How could he possibly have felt this? In my case I ruined my own surprise pulse party all by myself, as I told him already over the phone that I was having fertility issues (so don’t tell anything before going if you want to keep the suspense). Nevertheless, I was dying to know if I was a desperate case or if there was at least some Ayurvedic hope for me?

Soon enough for I would know, but I was not there yet.

I first had to go through my last two banana days and India would not have been India if things did not change or would stay on a clear paved road.

Control freaks out there, don’t panic. The end is near. Take a deep breath and just like in the Best Exotic Marigold hotel movie say out loud the only mantra that is left now as you are any how lost in Ayurvedic translation:

all will be fine on the end


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