#2 Ayurvedic quick wins: drink lots of hot water, but NEVER boil your water twice


Little by little ,more and more woman, very Ayurveda like,  swear by drinking hot water, especially first thing in the morning.

If you can prefer warm water over cold water as cold water  actually freezer/paralyses a warm body and could cause interruption of digestion and so on.

Warm water is body temperature friendly and so gets assimilated in the body immediately. It gets on the job immediately and balances your PH level, flushes your toxins out, energises your day and helps your stool.

However one very important Ayurvedic detail often has been overlooked: Do NOT reboil the same water

Yes, Ayurveda  believes that all water prior to drinking it, should be boiled ( even mineral water). This is to take all bacterias out on a molecule level. But if you reheat the same water than you are actually increasing AMA in your body. Ama is the Ayurvedic term for toxins. What a pity to go so far and drink every morning hot water to get healthier and prettier, but then actually do the opposite by increasing AMA.

So once you have bottled your water don’t reheat it. You don’t have to thrown it away, you can drink it cold or use it for your beloved animals or plants.


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