Ayurvedic India day 5-6 : the magic of a cow’s tongue

cow tongue_Fotor

Holy cow tongue

I am on my last two fertility banana days and as said before, India would not have been India if some things did not change at least a bit.

On my second last banana day, we were picked up by the ever smiling Padma, one of the Raju family members I discovered and a Vaidya too. She was telling us that before getting our daily banana dosis, we had to come to get a blessing from the cow. We stepped in a car. But before we could drive away, we were meticulously checked by Padma ( as only women amongst each other can do) to see if indeed we showered (as clearly described in the guide).  One girl looked clean and fresh to me but confessed not to have showered. You never know if besides feeling your pulse they can read your mind so you rather be on the right side of the universe. You never know how karma works in India. We drove through some streets of the compound  called “Sahara” ( the clinic is located in a kind of Indian middle-class closed- very safe and friendly- compound, named Sahara, with no clear clues what was common with the Sahara we know) hunting for the cow. They did not seem to know either where she was hanging out.

There in the middle of one of the side streets there was a cow ( a quite skinny one if I may say, but I guess like indians the cows are skinnier than Westerns. But whats up with the small cord? I put my animal rights behaviour apart for  now- also I had no choice with the banana silence rule – but I will make a point later on to the one who is in charge of the cord for sure. I don’t mean to give her only green M&Ms but, a miracle cow deserves at least  some privileges now and then) with a bunch of grass in front of her and oh so cute a baby calf next to it. We had to stand in line and pray in front of her,thinking of our wish and feed her. We did not get any more explanations than that. The others seemed all Zen or shall I say Hindu? I knew of course that the cow was considered Holy in India. (Who does not know a pictures of cow stopping the Indian traffic. )  But I clearly missed out on something.  “What had the banana treatment to do it with this bovine delight?

As with many things in India, answers would drop in little by little in the following days. Besides the Raju family and your guide, knowing the other Ayurveda guests is very key, not to say vital.

IMG-20140213-00706_Fotor cow2


One of the other banana eaters explained me that the cow incarnates all female and mothering characteristics of God. Being with the cow will help you to develop yours. If you feed her in the morning she will “eat” your problems and later when you come back and have your hand licked she will lick the solution on your hand. I wondered “Literally or symbolically? If literally; should I lick it up too ( clearly meaning licking my hand not the cow’s tongue)? Or how does it work?” I would rather know upfront as you can imagine. I decided to go for the symbolic version. India seemed too poetic in my eyes to just go for something so blunt and straight forward.

cow tongue crazy

The cows secret for a magical tongue? Warning: Don’t try this at home

Padma told me later that I had to see the cow every day as it would help me for my wish. So the next day I was on my way for my last banana and was about to take a side road to go have my hands licked when Padma on her scooter stopped me on the road telling me that it is was a very auspicious day today. The “why” never came. ( Perhaps only Western ask the “why” all the time. In fact it was written in the guide that for Ayurveda to be successful “believe and surrender” are determining factors.  Meaning: have your Vaidya do the job and you just enjoy the ride)

We had to skip our banana and go to the Raju’s house, where I had never even been. The driver of the clinic, I was told, would pick us up, which of course did not happen (I should have know better when I saw him earlier on wearing his t shirt, a clear passive aggressive message) I kept on saying my Marigold mantra ( from the movie Best Exotic Marigold hotel: all will be OK on the end and if it is not OK it is not the end yet) In fact all on the end did go fine. Another banana patient brought me there and there the Vaidy in very official Indian clothing was waiting or us. I had to sit and hang my head backwards and like this he poured me some milky liquid through the nose that I had to swallow immediately into my throat. After that I was really curious what would happen to me. I did not feel much anything special yet, besides that I felt for sure there is never a dull moment here in Ayurvedic India.


Our driver. Tip of the day: Look out for implicit messages whenever dealing with Indian staff


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