#4 Ayurvedic quick wins: Tea time……Honey is good, but be careful in boiling water it gets toxic

3c5089eed56c7080ce737e6372c33008 Winter is coming and to start with in autumn you catched a cold and you already have a soar throat. You may already know the magic of hot water, ginger, lemon… and honey. But be careful with the honey. Ayurveda uses honey for its many healing characteristics, but be aware NOT to pour it in your boiling hot tea or water. It gets toxic when boiled. Wait till the tea is a bit colder and then add the honey. Also when buying the honey make sure that it has not been prepared “hot” but in a cold way

Curious about other ayurvedic quick wins?

#1 Eat fruit only on empty stomach

#2 Drink lots of hot water but never reboil your water

#3 quick wins: magic of sesame oil

I learned about the “how” and “when” of Ayurvedic food from the amazing Vaidyas Krishna go, JR go and Padma go from the Raju clinic in Hyderabad, Vaidya Kalyan go in the Maharishi Ayurveda clinic in Germany or from great fellows, who did the Pancha Karma with me in Hyderabad


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