# 5 Ayurvedic quick wins: A glass of milk is divine…..But don’t mix it with anything sour

c1534fb9df7f25c882c77f6bc3e0dc46The cow is considered Holy in India. It is not for nothing that her milky gift tastes divine. But be aware: milk products combined with sour ( and also salty) products are all except a delight for your body. It leads to skin diseases such as rashes and vitiligo, stomach ulceration and acid problems.

Your first thought will be that you were not planning to put anything sour in your milk anyway. But the big “discovery” here is that what we think is sweet in Ayurveda is actually sour. As a big fan of home made biological fruit smoothies, the bad news is that fruit ( bananas, oranges etc) is considered sour and should not be combined with milk. Fruit tastes sweet but has a bitter after taste and therefor impacts in bad way once arrived in the stomach together with milk ( think of curdled milk).

Also having yoghurt with cereals and drinking 2 minutes later orange juice will create acid in your stomach.

This leaves us with the question what we can drink or eat together with milk ?

Any thing that is sweet for Ayurveda such: dates, figs, raisins or the delightful jaggery ( indian cane sugar)

Also here as with water, the best is to drink the milk warm.

As we are all human, if you can not resist a smoothie drink it at noon, when your digestion is at its max and not late at night as a light “healthy” snack. According to Ayurvedic more a smack for the stomach than a snack

Curious about other Ayurvedic quick wins?

#1 Eat fruit only on empty stomach

#2 Drink lots of hot water but never reboil your water

#3 Magics of sesame oil

#4 Honey is great but don’t put it in boiling water

I learned about the “how” and “when” of Ayurvedic food from the amazing Vaidyas Krishna, JR and Padma from the Raju clinic in Hyderabad, Vaidya Kalyan in the Maharishi Ayurveda clinic in Germany and from great fellows, who did the Pancha Karma with me in Hyderabad at the Raju Clinic


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