Ayurvedic India Day 7-10 Meeting the Vaidya


I pre advice you, come back tomorrow …but if you really want to continue, just remember I warned you this is gonna be long and boring.

(Today was not my best writing day if ever you liked it before, my head is ruling and my heart not reaching to write, but perhaps for whomever fell asleep with my previous “tear jerking” writing,  there is hope today on my head-only-heyday)

My first day with the Vaidya

The first day after the banana treatment and I went to see the Vaidya, “THE” Ayurvedic doctor, for my first pulse diagnosis. It was written in the guide I was supposed to present myself at 9am after all the other patients. As with a date, I wondered how to dress as you don’t want to offend the Vaidya at your first visit (All Hyderabad for as much I had seen, including the guests, seem to dress quite traditional). I had no Indian clothes yet, so I opted for Etnic Boho wide and well covered, very Isabel Marant meets ISIS.

I went inside the clinic. I saw a scale and weighted myself. I lost 4kg in 5 days just with the banana treatment. I have to confess that I arrived a bit chubby in India after all the fertility treatments, emotional overeating and craving for white Galak chocolate bars that came in for free with the hormones. Anyhow the point being that even if I came in with some “over luggage”, losing so much sounded a little lot in just a few days.

I told this to Padma (the ever friendly, understanding, female energetic power-in the Raju-House Vaidya), who I met at the entrance of the clinic. She told me very delightfully that this was only GREAT news. It was considered very good to lose weight in the eternal glittering light of Ayurveda. It increases your chances of conceiving. In Europe we would say actually the opposite, but I clearly had to learn all from scratch. I am in India and we play by the Indian rules now. Not for nothing they call India, Bharat, by the name of the Goddess of Learning and Knowledge.

After this spiritual “Skinny is OK” fertility pep talk, I was standing in the waiting room.

There, in the waiting room there were lot of people from all over the world, waiting for the Vaidya. If you would have told me that it was the gathering of the Ayurvedic alter ego of the United Nations, I would have believed you on the spot: Japan, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Iran, Italy, UK…you name it, all there.

In fact “almost” all there, there was no single Hyderabad local patient spotted in the room (one of the patients told me that locals come in after us as they don’t have any treatments and fair enough, also pay other lower-fare for consultations).

We were all supposed to see the doctor 5-10 min max so that all can be on time for their treatments. For sure 5-10 min is a true cultural aspect, whereas the japanese were sharp out of the doctor’s room after 4:55 min, others more latino style, largely went over their time. This under the mumbling protests of the Germans and Americans present in the room.

All guests welcomed me very warmly and while waiting, they informed me on all Raju’s Clinics in’s and out’s. Some of them told me they visited other Ayurvedic places, but said that the Raju family clinic is perhaps not the most beautiful, but is indeed the real thing and best you can get. The Raju family being one of the  5 “Last Mohicans”  Ayurvedic families left in India.

The patients at the clinic were there for some real serious stuff (thyroid, cysts, heart problems, sight problems,autism etc). So I decided to shut up about my Weight Watcher problem today.

I was the last one in the waiting room now and it was my turn. Next to the Vaidya’s door, there was a little room with 2 pandits (Hindu priests), who were constantly praying out loud. The next doors’ incense smell filled the consultation room. You wonder if there is a special idea about that as I would, as a doctor, be distracted. But I guess for the Indians, the idea of less is more (and other hipster understatement trends) is simply not their thing. The Vaidya room was filled with pictures of goddesses decorated with powder dots, flowers, packages of medicines and piles of papers. In my vivid imagination a movie of Indiana Jones meeting an exotic, wise doctor was playing just in front of me.

Behind the desk was at last, my Vaidya, Dr Krishna Gi ( Gi is added to show your respect). The doctor who would in a minute give me a verdict and give me a green or red light.

Whatever he was going to do, I felt immediately at ease in his present. He was a warm, bit chubby (was I now being obsessed with the skinny thing?), smiling doctor with a contagious laughter….if you are very auditive, just think of the feel good laughter of Disney’s Santa Claus but then of course, Indian style

Dr Krishna Gi felt my pulse for no longer than a minute and of course with no surprise he identified my issues. But he told me that was not the true reasons I was not getting pregnant. Something that happened around my 20th year had decoded my body.

After a moment of shock, “how did he know? and how can this impact a pregnancy?” I immediately decoded myself over the shock and went straight to the action plan: “Doctor, can I reprogram myself again?” The doctor told me not to worry: ” take the smirti medicine every morning between 3:30 and 5:30am (of course I will take it at  5:29am), start the Pancha Karma and do one more extra banana treatment end of the month.” That was his verdict.

I told him about what they said in Europe about my chances. My doctor only laughed out loud again. He said: “Don’t to worry about a thing, cause everything is gonna be alright” ( Did you hear a song here as well?)

If music is the sound of feelings, than Rasta Reggae are the lyrics of Ayurveda. I guess.

So hope good old Bob is gonna sing some good songs out there for the coming weeks now that I have to stay longer. I changed my ticket and told my husband I will be back indian style, soon. Whenever that would be.

But “Don’t shed no tears. No, Woman, Don’t cry”

Tomorrow I am gonna rise up in the morning. I Smile with the risin sun and I wait for three little birds, each by my doorstep singing’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true, who will be sayin:

“Don’t worry ’bout a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right.”

And thats the verdict of today, so thats all folks!

For whomever is disappointed, does not like Reggae and still needs a good old in your face  message of the day: here you got one.

Don’t reward yourself with food. You are not a dog.


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