Extra Edition: “The Day After” on yesterday’s blog (Reading at your own risk, NOT for: the weak hearted, Anti-“high in the sky” readers, Harry Potter Haters or the ones suffering of chronic ” do-it -yourself” fatigue.


Rumi the famous Persian poet of the 13th century once wrote: “Look for the answer inside the question”

I guess I have to read Rumi more often. The only Rumi I knew so far, was Rumikub (I know it has an extra “M”, but please don’t spoil my phonetic party). I had seen Rumi’s quote before, I saved it with no reason, but today when I was looking for pictures, Rumi appeared to be a true jolly and made my yesterday’s unmatching tiles a winning “Rumi Cup” after all.

Before starting my blog yesterday, I flogged myself with the message my dark life-sucking Dementor nightmare was trying to tell me? By the time I finished my blog, I was kind of surprised about myself with the direction my own ending took with the question: “Is Patronus the message of my dark nightmare?”. I am not even a Harry Potter fan.

But if is Rumi is right, then inside the question lies the answer.

For the ones being concerned at this stage, if they are washing out brain capacity as well during this Ayurvedic cleansing that I am doing, you have to trust me when I say that my brain really has nothing to do with it and has a strong alibi, as he is simply not invited to the blog party.

I don’t know how to explain it to you; when I start writing, I know only the topic I want to write about, for instance yesterday about the nightmare. For the rest I just breath in and out twice (to disconnect my brain, I guess) and then my fingers are just typing and at the end of the road there is just a page filled up there.

I literally have to re-read it myself to see what my fingers have been up to, as in an exorcist movie (without being possessed by the Devil part, I hope). So I really read all about it with you guys.

But that is not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say is that when I read my own ending I was astonished, to say the least,  reading out my own words (I am usually quite New Age averse):” Is Patronus, the spiritual power of positive memories, really so strong it can shine out any dark feeling or pain?”

I guess if nothing else helps out, you even go on the “Harry Potter” road, so before sleeping I decided to put the Patronus to the test. I sat down and wrote down the 5 most emotional, most loving memories of my life. They ranged from something small that happened this week to my most precious moments I remembered from the past with my own Dumbledore or better Gandalf in the family, my grandpa.

After writing my memories down, I laid down on my bed. I thought of the very dark feeling of the nightmare and then focussed and relived each memory one by one, simply by visualising all details and mostly the feeling I had with it.

After finishing I was totally feeling so… (I hate the evangelic monopoly on the word but I cannot find a more neutral one…so be ready for the “scary” word)…. enlightened (or fully x-rayed does that sound any better??) that for the rest of the evening I was totally in a super good mood and the dark feeling abducted.

Even today, one day after when I think back of the nightmare, a now timid dark memory comes in together with this overwhelming “ray of light” ( am I saying this??? HELP ME or else my next words will be “praise the Lord, hallelujah” ) that was created yesterday with all these Brady Bunch Feel Good memories. Had I been able to decode my body as the Vaidya told me I could?

As I didn’t want to keep this “Expecto Patronum” spell as a “precious” thing only for myself (think: Gollum of Lord of the Rings and from now automatically Thou shalt feel the urge to share as well) I allowed you a sneak preview in my crazy mind with the risk and fear of you thinking I have gone really “blessed” bananas this time.

Try this just when nobody is home. If you get busted, you can always blame me or say it is something Ayurvedic ( well actually a positive mind is one of the three pillars of Ayurveda besides good ingredients and a good doctor, so you see it all makes sense after all).

I can speak only for myself (but please do give me your feedback, if only to re-assure myself for my own state of mind). It worked for me and I declared Patronus my new BFF (Best Friend Forever – never admit it you did not know the abbreviation, it means you are older than you look).

We have been talking a lot about the metaphorical Patronus, if you have never seen Harry Potter’s Patronus watch it now below, so that you are up to date and can get in the mood.

I already described before what I did, but just for the more schematic ones amongst us, please find below a numbered list of the same (if you discover any upgraded styles, let me know), it is just how I scrambled it on a Sunday morning with a huge “Dementor” hung over:

  1. Take a pen and paper
  2. Look for a quiet place to sit and write
  3. Just start (without lots of thinking or reflecting) and write down memories through out your entire life that made you very happy or overwhelmed you with love ( It can be your wedding/divorce, the first time you hold your kid or simply you saw the most beautiful sunset ever- there are no rules)
  4. Continue to write till you have around 5-6 memories and start to order and rank them from low to high impact
  5. Close your eyes, perhaps dim the lights if it helps to relax you. Briefly think of the dark feeling or moment where you would need a little help on and then let it go
  6. Start now recollecting the memories starting from the lowest one. And then one by one relive them. Especially remember the place with all its details and focus on the feeling, the warmth and energy you experienced at that moment
  7. Every time you go to the next memories with a higher impact, also feel the energy, the warmth and the love getting to the next level. ( I know, very “Guru hug me” but guys, better Happy Holly than Cool and “Cut”- only dry Dutchies will understand this joke, sorry)
  8. At memory #5  have your cup run over of joy for the rest of today and enjoy it. Do this as many times as you please

I know, I am risking that by now that you are ready to baptise me “READY for an institute” or if you are mild, label me a “New Age Patronus” groupie.

But if I live by the pictures I am sending you every day, I should at least be the last one to doubt to jump to share an experience that make you shine again.

With the hope of helping just one of you to catch a ray of light with my new BFF, I am out there squeezing every last drop of  “courage” juice there is to live by the quote I posted myself today:

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Nelson M.


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