Day 10 -11 Ayurvedic India: Messenger pulse diagnosis……mysteries in life ( part 1)



The last two days have been a bit dark, but today I was hopping around again. Could it be the fatal cocktail of the beads and the Patronus exercise? It has been only 2 days, nevertheless I was really over my dark Dementor episodes, sparkling around and  “Dancing on the moonlight” just like the song.

Whatever you have been thinking of my Ayurvedic experience till so far; trust me if I say: at least get the black beads.

You see the Smirti medicine is a necessary evil, it is restoring your body from a deep level, but it is no free lunch, you have to go through some emotional and physical hustle and pressure to get a diamond out there ( If you missed out, see sniper story).

The black beads however are a real quick and dirty emergency mood fixer. I am surprised that LA celebrities are not already on it. No calories, herbal, eco and they are a bunch of cute sweet black shining little balls.

Long story short, I was my usual vibrant self again. I was relieved with my “mood du jour”, cause today I was seeing the Vaidya for quite a little something and it was absolutely required that my mood was anything close to the vibe: ” Put your hands up in the air”.

As you may remember, every day I went and saw the Vaidya for my pulse diagnose. Usually directly after I was going to my cleansing Pancha Karma Treatment. But today I was going to see the Vaidya for a special pulse diagnose: The messenger pulse diagnosis.

Let me get you softly and slowly there or else you could experience some ratio resistance.

Did this ever happen to you: you are in a public space and have your back turned to somebody, but you just feel 2 eyes pinching on your back. You know that there is somebody staring at you. You turn around and yes, it is true.

Scientifically it has been identified that the activity of single brain cells find that particular cells fire when someone is staring right at you, but—amazingly—not when the observer’s gaze is averted just a few degrees to the left or right of you. I have checked on google, but other than that there is not a lot more research about it.

But the question is: do you need to have scientific proof for you to believe that this happened? You have your own eyes, heart and mostly your own intuition


So you have experienced yourself to have a very unexplainable capacity to sense things or feel somebody’s energy. Well, take now this undeveloped quality that you have and imagine now that your parents from day 1 teach you how to nurture and improve to listen to it. Imagine then that your parents are very knowledgeable and have very fine-tuned awareness and intuition about the body and the universe. On top of it, you have 500 years of family Ayurvedic know-how of life ( Ayurveda means Science of Life) at your disposal. Can you imagine then that not only you are able to feel somebody’s energy behind your back, but perhaps even from a longer distance? If I got you till this point then you are ready to go to read about Messenger pulse Diagnosis with me tomorrow. If you need some extra rational comfort, read some of Einstein’s energy theory and join later.



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