Ayurvedic India day 10-11: Messenger pulse diagnose…..are we the “Nouveau Riche” of the universe?- part 2


We all know the feeling when somebody is staring at us from our backs. We sense actually the energy from someone else looking at us. There are no evidences how we can feel it, but we all know what I am talking about it.

In a daily life we don’t do a lot with this unexplainable capacity that we have. But the Vaidyas from the Raju family have been “trained” in the skills of Science of Life ( In Sanscrit: Ayurveda) ever since they were little. So the impact of energy ( yours, mine, from food or from anything on earth or in the universe) is for them as an Ayurvedic Whatsapp, you need to know how to download the app, be connected to the universal WIFI and have a  strong provider.

You may remember that they poured a special milky liquid through my nose during my banana treatment, just because the stars were on a specific position that day. That time, I went along with whatever the vaidya were asking, I just wanted to fulfil my baby dream, but to be honest I was not very into Astronomy. The only star I once in a while read about was baby star ” North” West (you know from the Sun planet Kim around which our universe seems to be orbiting nowadays).

It is not that I look down at the floor while I am walking, avoiding the sky. I do appreciate, like everybody else, a beautiful sky and who does not love to spot a falling star. But geeking around what is where and the ins and outs of the black whole….besides simple being too busy running my own little universe, I guess I was simply not into it.

However the more I was in India, the more, mysterious India was getting into my veins. The vaidyas did so many miracles here in the clinic ( tell you more about it this week), if they were praying all night long on auspicious days just because of some star, perhaps I -with big caps- was missing out on something?

I started to question and put away the “unlikeliness” that stars and planets have any influences on us. Who do we think we actually are, thinking that in fact it would influence everything and skip us?

Every 12 hours the attraction of the moon pulls the water towards him, creating ebbs and flows. If the moon can attract the sea why would it not attract us (we are 50-65% water), even if just a little? Why would we think we stay immune vs a  small drop in the ocean, simple cause we are not “schooled or interested” to perceive it? And if a moon can do this, what about the billions of stars and planets out there in our own galaxy that surrounds us?

The more you dive into the topic the more infinite it becomes, quite overwhelming to comprehend and too big to make sense to our brain. If you are a control freak , like me,  and likes putting things in sizeable boxes,  Astronomy is like an itchy woollen sweater.

But seeing the vaidya curing so many bodies that were given up on, this itchy astronomy sweater started to soften up on me. Although loving quotes and reading books to make sense to my little life, I discovered actually that the story of the universe had a real poetic, touchy side and gave so many answers on things we break our heads over.

We might feel we have little in common with the universe as it looks all smart, fancy and perfect. But actually it is thanks to its Imperfection that the earth and life were created and we are hopping around. So if an imperfect universe is working fine with billions and billions of star and planets travelling on crazy speeds, why are WE all the time trying to be perfect?

The more I read the more I understood that there is nothing to control about in life. We live as if we were the centre of existence, and we fully under control, but with 1000km/hour around our own orbit and 102.000km/hour around the sun, the universe was very kind to give us a gravity safety belt to keep us on this planet and we’d rather just follow universal rules instead of following the ideas of a brain that reaches to a miserable10% of its capacity ( if you are lucky).

The universe is out there and fully working for billions and billions of years, what do we pretend to know in the miserable  2,5 million of years that we are around? So lets all just stop acting like the “Nouveau Riche” of the universe, live life as a true miracle and just surrender and float by the universal powers, like just our Messenger Pulse Doctor in India tomorrow ( the last part of the messenger pulse episode)

cecf3183f5720a1dc006c5d0217ba467As a change to the Facebook quotes and articles, free up an evening to see this great movie to understand that what is out there for you. Be at awe and fall in love, just like Albert Einstein, Stephan Awkins (and humble me, next to them) did.


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