# 7 Ayurvedic quick wins: Buy appels on stock for this weekend……a warm apple a day keeps your migraine away….and also a hangover (!)

416a671f74edf7f2357e3cad537635b5 It is not for nothing that they say: ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away” Apples are rich in Iron and a nice glass of pure apple juice ( without the chemicals and sugars) will help for instance with Anaemia.

Eating apples will help strengthening the heart, losing weight, reduce fever and will temper your cravings for Alcohol ( so for the weekend stock lots of apples!)

Eating an Apple on an empty stomach in the morning relieves one of migraine pain. Don’t overdo it, as it quite powerful just for a few mornings.

BIG TIP: Eat your apples warm ( steamed or baked in butter – or even better ghee, which is a clarified butter), it makes it much easer for the body to absorb and digest it ( 65% of our energies goes to digestion, so just help it out a little bit and your body has some time to do other stuff, like giving you a great skin for instance).I love to eat warm apple in the morning cooked together with some cinnamon to give me an apple pie feel good mood.

A bit more complicated, but effective…to reduce fevers you need to boil 4-5 apple tree leaves and drink it warm. But apple leaves are not easy to find. But if you have an apple yard you might be a lucky bird and do this at home e9962ad794d48d23913438063102d9d0 Curious about other Ayurvedic quick wins?

#1 Eat fruit only on empty stomach

#2 Reboiing hot water intoxicates you

#3 Magics of sesame oil

#4 Honey is great, but warm honey is a killer

# 5 Warm milk is divine but don’t mix it with fruit

#6  Eat Pineapple to anticipate your cycle

I learned about the “how” and “when” of Ayurvedic food from the amazing Vaidyas Krishna, JR and Padma from the Raju clinic in Hyderabad, Vaidya Kalyan in the Maharishi Ayurveda clinic in Germany and from great fellows, who did the Pancha Karma with me in Hyderabad at the Raju Clinic


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