hey YOU there on the couch on a lazy sunday!….what have you been doing this year?…Squeeze out your last drops of energy , get ready for a fun year with just 20 minutes of effort. ( you can stay on your couch)

d3011e02cc1b5ba09a5e0917b116f5e5_Fotor How many of you are just simply happy that you survived this week of work and by a strike of luck this sunday you are still breathing? Monday you cross your fingers that your legs will, on an automatic pilot, drag you to the office. The rest of the day passes by, as in a near death experience, where you stare at yourself out of your own body (but without a happy ending of a God saving you). At night you reach, by miracle, your bed (instead of the couch) and you crash in a coma with a new personal record.

Months, years quickly pass by like this. You scratch yourself behind the head saying: “OK, November is on its way, 2014 is almost over ….what have I, in big caps, been doing all that time except of getting through an other day?”

I know the feeling, 9 years have passed like that…my husband would say it is not that YOU who came home, it was a ZOMBIE who joined me in bed at 1am…. But, sometimes you just have hit hard to get the message. c936947bbb96797817a3e354e5c39d07_Fotor Over a dinner  with a friend where I simply was telling of all the things that I did NOT have time for or simply missed out on in the last 9 years, she ( a working “banker” mum,with two very adorable kids with auto recharging powers, faced the same feeling though for other reasons) came with a great idea which both we pledged to do: The FUN list.

It was something that they prescribe for people with a real burn out, but it works also for chronicle tiredness, an unsatisfied life, depression or what ever is draining you to get more out of your life than simply surviving.

That easy? Yes, that easy. So put some “Pump Up the Jam” music on and fill in that list and get ready to Get Lucky

I confess, I took this ” 100 Fun things” as a new sport and I had time now as I hit the “pause” button for my career and stopped working. But you there, that is no excuse, don’t give up now so easy! 5e3c9bdbe04af32a9119ead9ddf81cd1 All small steps turn into miles. Start with simple things. But don’t be too modest either and add one big jackpot as well. Lets agree that you do at least a list of 24! ( You can compile the other 76 later)…But doing something small twice per month is the absolute minimum. You will feel proud of yourself looking back. Trust me.

Just to be your cheerleader: I did 83 things of my 100 ” Good Fun”list and coming weeks I am really set to finish them. To keep myself going every 3 month I sent an update to my friend. I volunteer now here to receive yours. Send me a mail on my The banana blessing Facebook page ( click here) I will cheer and support you every month till you get to the finish.

I promise you will be surprised, looking back one year from now you will proudly say : “Wow this is what I have been doing” It really works better than just saying ” from now on I will do as many things as I can to enjoy life”

The list is a true empowerment tool: Looking back on a paper what you have been doing just gives you the energy to continue to do the others and you will have double the joy doing them as you will also have the joy to cross one other from your ” live life” list. So just do it! At the couch or where ever you are, write them down. 551a9748431d763a1423d0ec3d6aa7cd Some tips:

  • Be specific, don’t write: enjoy life and see family and friends. But  instead say, visit my friend x, or go and dance at my favourite  place “Y” fo
  • No should do things: Do things that bring only immediate FUN and don’t taste anything close to a Duty. NOT: tidy your closet or a course Italian for your CV.
  • Leave 10 things open and fill those in a few months later ( only if you have 90 filled out already, not 24 LOL)
  • Don’t be harsh on yourself, take some out and fill it in with something else if it makes you more happier or if the option unluckily is not available anymore ( the exposition I wanted to see in Paris stopped, so I replaced it. No problem)

To give you some ideas of how quick and easy it can be to collect a life full of small and big memories, below some of my own “Live life” things I wrote down:

  1. Buy a Breaking Bad t- shirt ( I bought it online, fixed in 10 min, but enjoyed all summer)
  2. Eat my favourite dish: French Frites of my favourite cafeteria Van Berkel (!)…(have to confess I did this more than once)
  3. Eat a Bossche bol ( my favourite cake)
  4. Eat crepe at my favourite street vendor at Blv Saint Germain
  5. Bike on a cold wet day in the Netherlands and inhale the smell of wet leafs
  6. Take a bath with lots and lots of foam, read a magazine while eating my favourite snack
  7. Go and see an old friend  ( Was great truuske!)
  8. Home made hamburgers and french frites and watch a movie with the hub
  9. Go to a bingo evening ( youth dream, don’t ask why please)
  10. Go to India and do a banana treatment

If you still need some inspiration, click on the link and you will find some inspiration for a life time” Feel Good” memory with no regrets. I am so happy that I did mine that I might continue next year with a full new list and post a picture of each of them on a new blog to cheer you guys to keep on fulfilling yours.

OK Guys, Get ready! Don’t have yourself blown away by anything. You won’t regret and start writing them down. 916b6fe1401c745fb62f14c2c1db9b6f_Fotor


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