#9 Ayurvedic Quick win: a whole day on your cell phone?….cheap and easy: how to get the radiation out of your system

07034f45ce9b990bcab651e3291f94ea Without becoming polemic about cell phones, we all know that holding a cell phone too long on your ears won’t do you any good. If this comes as a total surprise read the article with this link. 

The waves of the cell phone are similar to Microwave (the so called dielectric heating)  This is why when you speak to long on the phone, like 2 hours or so, your head feels very warm up and you feel very dried up.

As there is no point of saying to throw the phone out of the window, it comes without saying that the less you use it, the better it is.

Some of us wear a head set instead, but for Ayurveda wearing the head set  is NO good either.

However as in daily western life the use of a phone is so much part of our lives and for some of us even our BFF ( Best Friend For ever), please find below what instead you CAN do.

We have spoken before already there is a lot of benefits in Sesame Oil. I highly recommend it for relaxing etc ( See quick win #2) Trust me if I say you will swear by it from now one ( I have been to the Bulgari Spa, Thai massages on the beach for a triple digit price, but nothing as good as a simple home made sesame oil massage with a price tag of EUR 3,-)

Anyhow, back to our microwave boiling head……

What can you do after a day of hanging on the cell phone( recommended if you spend more than 1-2 hours on the phone per day)….you go home and neutralise your ears, head and body in the following way This is what you do:

  1. Buy Sesame Oil ( preferably of the Bio store, otherwise the one of the Chinese will do in case of emergencies)
  2. Boil some tap water
  3. Heat the oil (not boiling it) in a glass or plastic small bowl in the warm water ( the famous ” au bain Marie”)
  4. Massage it on your head, front and especially in and around your ears
  5. Leave the oil for 15 min and then wash your head and body
  6. Trust me, sounds too easy, but you will shine again! ( Guys also suggest this to your women if she has an other headache LOL)

If you have a lot of headache or feel drained in the head ( or even if ever you have ear pain), take a cotton and dip it, without any modesty, in the warm oil en put it in your ears for a bit. Take it out and close it with a new clean cotton and go to sleep like that.

If you are a true Ayurvedic Health fanatic then you leave the oil, before heating,  3 days and 3 nights outside, to have the moon do his part on it. If you think I am crazy then read this link before and thank me later.

Thats all! next time more…..

Curious about other Ayurvedic quick wins?

#1 Eat fruit only on empty stomach

#2 Drink lots of hot water but never reboil your water

#3 Magics of sesame oil

#4 Honey is great but don’t put it in boiling water

#5 Milk don’t drink it with any fruit

# 6 Pineapple to anticipate your period

#7 Apples against migraine and stop craving alcohol

#8 Dried eyes work out

I learned about the “how” and “when” of Ayurvedic food from the amazing Vaidyas Krishna, JR and Padma from the Raju clinic in Hyderabad, Vaidya Kalyan in the Maharishi Ayurveda clinic in Germany and from great fellows, who did the Pancha Karma with me in Hyderabad at the Raju Clinic