Ayurvedic India Week 3-4: India in a flow, how can I ever describe?

 Listen to below music while reading to help dream away for a few minutes in the wonders of India. 



When you travel nothing is nicer than when you get familiar to your new surrounding and you feel you are part of its every days life.

I was in my third week in India and finally got into a rhythm.

I loved my daily tours to the treatment centre that was based on the top floor of a little shopping mall. Although the building on it is self had a “bric et brac” appeal. It did not matter much. Yes, it was cracky, unfinished and there was no clear retail marketing strategy behind the whole construction. But exactly that was what maked it  fascinating, it was not perfect, had its flaws but it was vibrant and different.

When I walk in any western city nowadays you can already predict that next to Zara there will be soon enough a H&M upcoming or a Mango. It is planned and it shows. All those marketing people ( of which I used to be part of), seem to forget that life is all about living experiences and what is the fun of an experience if every ride in any park is the same.

I loved to wander around my grey shopping mall that was coloured with all these little stores. Electricity cables were hanging over the wet floor and there was daily a live show of a chicken massacre at the butcher while you were at the indian barber shop doing your indian threaded eyebrows .

My life was small, I only lived on the compound where I drifted by the Ayurvedic rhythm of delightful healing treatments. I felt being part of a mysterious feel good movie that was rolling in slow motions. I had a content smile fixed on my face and I was simply floating.  I have never taken drugs but I guess that taking heroin must be  like this, but with the beauty that this all came from inside and without any tragic suffocating monkey around your neck killing you softly. After being scared to go, India was really getting in my veins and slowly putting me in a very warm and mellow feeling. I understood why all those people were taken by  this magic and mystery. I felt like never leaving this warm womb. Life was just beautiful here, for no specific reason. Despite the long list of reasons why I did not want to go , once you were there, it was all you wanted, I was hooked on this divine “Nice and Easy”.

Strange how I could just close my eyes and remember every single detail. Normally I am quite distracted and don’t have such a sharp recollective mind. The colours of the people and their clothing, kids playing cricket at sunset after school, it was the “Best Exotic Marigold hotel” at his best. A “Must See” ( both the movie as India).

I don’t know if were the black beads that the doctor gave me, the treatments or my new philosophy of life of letting go and float, but I felt profoundly happy, in a bliss.  I wished you could smell with me the mystic combination of the smell of herbs being cooked, incense of all the people doing their puja/hindu rituals at home and the uncommon perfume of the trees in the park. You would see some garbage but it was not like a disruption of this floating dream, it was simply part of it, just like the street dogs full of fleas with their street fight signatures.

In the afternoon I would sit at sun set in the park. Women all together sitting together in wonderful colours on the grass, would timidly greet me, revealing their perfect white teeth. Curious little kids surrounding me like little monkeys in front, from the back and aside, asking for my name and trying to put their excellent english to the test. I would usually be too impatient to sit alone anywhere. But here I felt peaceful. Something very innocent and joyful was blowing a hypnotising air on those afternoon moments in the park.

The Vaidya’s advice , on top of the cow and banana, was that it would be very wholesome for my deeply desired wish to be  around children. This exercise was served on a silver plate. During those afternoon on my little green iron bench in the park I was invisible, covered by little indian kids that were looking at me with their big black bead eyes. Other days  I played with the kids of the Vaidya and we fed the magical cow. The divine animal that the Raju family suggested to see every day to expose myself to her divine “Motherly” incarnations.

Whatever this Ayurvedic myth was true or not, every morning  my way to the clinic was filled with joy. Kids going to school, waving and from the heart wishing me  a true” Goodmorning Mam” , “See you later, madam” and even from far on the end of the street running to scout out load” Maaaaaaam, byeeeee”.

How much did I miss this. How much did I need this. In Paris, the city filled with its own eternal magics,  the “Bonjour” ( despite the delicious croissants or pain chocolates)  never came with a free gift of a smile. A smile of kid, a cow, the ladies in the park, so simple poured me under a refreshing but warm shower of joy.

This high, could I relive it? Or did I need to seclude myself in India from now on, listening to heart moving indian flutes and float in their mysterious rivers?

I just closed my eyes.  It was all there, the park, I could relive again.



Amma the hug Guru: todays hug report

246633_2027765024478_1920419_n I was in an industrial hall in the middle of nowhere. Not really the “ Get in the mood” location for the world most famous hug. But a small woman from Kerala in India would change it all today.

I heard for the first time about the Hug Saint at the Raju Clinic in India. A young American guy, travelling through India to play Indian music, was wearing this pink t-shirt with a warm smiling Indian woman on it. The woman I was visiting today: Amma, the hug guru.

I was intrigued about her from that first moment on. It was quickly decided I would go and see her once I found it she was travelling and only 1 hour from where I was. Inside the hall, there were people from all over the world, which explained the many campers and foreign tour busses outside.

One of the hundreds international volunteers, explained me how the lining worked and the guy was so nice and friendly that he alone would deserve a hug already.

I knew I was going to have to be patient with so many visitors already inside, but I did not mind. There were little stores with Amma gadgets, a massage place, astrologist, very tasty Indian snacks, Indian buffet, western food and great home made cakes. All very fairly priced and all benefits were for Amma’s charity fund,which was impressively vast ( A whole book of 94 pages covering just impressive stories and even more impressive facts, numbers and amounts that Amma dedicated to charity.) R.E.S.P.EC.T. Amma.

The most curious I was of course about Amma herself. After my walk around I sat down and simply waited till a Belgium voice announced that Amma was on her way (For dutch readers: a very Jambers voice, very surreal as you can imagine)

With Amma’s arrival being close, a woman next to me started to cry, another one to meditate. I felt like applauding when she came on stage to welcome her, but cowardly joined the mass and stayed silent.

After a small modest initiation ceremony for Amma, we prayed all together and meditated on the famous: “OMMMMMM” . This under the instructions and wise words of our Belgian but invisible Big Brother’s “Jambers” voice.

As far as Amma was concerned, she looked exactly as on the pictures. A small warm very friendly woman. I was impressed about Amma. She had been hugging already over 33 million people but she still took time to hug each individual and did not seem to take one single moment a break.

When asked how she could do this non- stop for so many hours, she replied” you also don’t ask a river how he does it, it simply streams.” And added that for her there was not no effort whenever there was divine love.

Besides looking at Amma hugging non-stop, I was simply also enjoying the crowd. Of course there were the expected non-stop hugging Osho kind of persons, but there were also people in tie and suit, “old school” traditional grannies till rave party kind of guys. Just to name you some. I watched my eyes out and could only come to the conclusion that hugging must indeed unite all people, cause we were indeed all there.

Once in a while some volunteer walked around with a board written on it if somebody wanted to help out washing pans, serve snack or cut some vegetable. I was telling myself that if this waiting would take any longer I would volunteer to kill some time.

Then finally, after 3,5 hours of waiting , it was my turn. From the moment I got in my special waiting seats till I got to Amma, my ticket was checked 4 times, not even at an airport my ticket has been checked as much. I could imagine lots of people are trying to find creative ways, cause otherwise they probably would not have the chance to see her today and had to sleep over (as indeed many did) or come back tomorrow (best is to come min 3 hours before opening if you want to hug the same day)

While you are seated an instruction list was handed out on how to hug Amma. I can imagine that “organising” the hugging is necessary cause 33 million people hanging on you and not wanting to leave otherwise would have been a very difficult job for Amma and an eternal waiting for us.

My moment was there, just before getting to Amma, a very strict acting German female volunteer asked me some things and then I had to put myself on my knees ( so that Amma did not need stand up all the time) and shuffled on my knees towards her, slightly pushed by my German “Hug drill coach”. I put myself on Amma’s right side ( as by instruction) and Amma kindly pulled me towards her. I was very distracted cause she continued talking to someone and a volunteer was touching below my leg ( I guess checking I did not touch Amma’s feet- as per instruction as well.) Amma then took me to her other side and stopped speaking. She hugged me even more closely and started to say some words that she repeated constantly but were not identifiable to any language I ever heard. She gave me a kiss and before I knew, I was pulled back again in real life by my German “hug organiser”. A necessary evil, I knew more souls to be hugged today. Amma gave me a small gift: a candy and rose leaf.

And that was it.

Was it what I expected?

It was a nice hug, but I guess if a “big mamma” auntie would have take me in her arms and hugged me, it would have had the same nice effect on me.

I am sure it is all very personal. I had seen people being very emotional with her. A woman on the bus on the way back said that the she became very warm when Amma hugged her and felt like overthinking her life tonight and do some good out there.

I guess everybody has its own Guru, just like in India, where within a family each could have their own favourite and that is not a problem. Luckily there are plenty of Gurus in India and across the globe. And luckily I found my own one already, the mango lady as I called her but that is for next time.

As for Amma I left indeed very impressed, more than by the hug, by the vast charity and good work she spreading around the world. Only for that already I would just say: Keep on hugging!

Day 10-11 Ayurvedic India: The messenger pulse diagnosis meeting Einstein ( Part 3-last part)

IMG-20140216-00767_Fotor It has been a bit of a D-tour to get you here ( I had to post part 1: to get you ready for the topic. Remember the staring story?and part 2: to get you to the next level, click on the numbers if you did not read them yet and have some spare minutes), but finally today we are going to put the Messenger Pulse to the test.

I heard about this MP technic from patients in the waiting room at the clinic. The place, if you ever consider to go to the Raju Clinic, where you hear about all ins and out of mind blowing Ayurvedic India. It is something key to do when you are there, cause what is so obvious Indians, for us totally sounds from another planet.

Back to the waiting room. The vaidya called me in and checked my pulse ( just like the other times when he discovered already crazy things about myself). Till this far it was a ” Been there, Done that”

I was now ready for the Deus Ex Machina, the topping on the ice cake of all pulse checks. He would now via my pulse get into contact with someone on an other continent ( If you feel a strong disbelief coming up, you must not have read part 1 that I wrote just for the disbelievers. Click and come back later)

At first I had my own disbelief moment myself, but “seeing is believing” so here I was. The Vaidya would check out the health of 2 of my friends that were in Europe. He asked me to bring pictures and a good rested mood ( this is why after the Dementor night I could not do it and had to postpone).

The pictures needed to be: 1. one frontal of the whole body 2. one from the side and 3. close up of the face.

The person on the picture should wear only underwear or bikini ( bear in mind you are being checked by an Indian doctor, so skip for the occasion your favourite Brazilian string, but be there more in your warm and cosy Marks and Spencer/Hema/Wall Mart set that you only wear when alone or want to get divorced)

I did not reveal anything about the person and showed him the pictures. The vaidya asked me to close my eyes and think profoundly of this person while he was holding my pulse. What he told me about that person was on the spot. But a vicious voice inside me said: “Come on! You can see clearly it is an older person and look at the hands…the odds he had arthritis were simply a matter of mathematics”.

I hoped the vaidya did not feel my vicious voice through my pulse. But I had to confess that for my next friend I was even more curious what he would say. This person was young,totally in shape and may I say HOT. No diseases nothing to guess from a picture. But just few weeks before, he had been recovered with heart problems at the emergency department.

Again here, the same procedure and again the diagnosis was astonishing. He not only identified that there was something with his heart. But, as if he was teaching me an universal lesson, he topped up saying there was something with his neck. Something, from a long time ago, like if he got hit. He said  that the person involved was actually neglecting it too much.He should get physiotherapy.

I totally forgot, but indeed this person once got hit with a baseball in his neck when he was kidnapped a dozen of years ago and was constantly complaining about his necks, but not doing much about it.

Of course all this is very astonishing. But what was more astonishing was that I came to understand something that took me 41 years to get there. The simple words below that seemed till yesterday “just nice”, today were there as magical words to help me understand something so simple, so simple I overlooked it.

a26171a447ec4a3da7711c40fd1dad7f The fact that a simply thought of something (or somebody) could influence my body, to an extent that it is capable of giving signals over such big reach and going back in time, was to say the least ,shocking and a true wake up call for me. ( better late then never)

If a simple thought of a few seconds could do this. What had decades of hammering of my own life motto” what does not kills you makes you stronger” and “I am the owner of my own destiny”  done to my body all that time then?

I had hung deeply on my two beliefs. They have brought me so far, made “impossible things possible” and showed me the world.  But although it brought me somewhere, it came with a price. I, together with my body, we were exhausted and I was questioning if I should start to give up on my biggest dream.

Perhaps what I was going through had nothing to do with “giving up”. Maybe it was just a simple result of the message my mind was giving to my body and as a ripple effect to the universe as a whole. The message was out there and so they kept their ” universal” doors closed ,at my own request, and they said: “Mrs “This is My life”, just like the song of Shirley Bassey, was going to going to do it her own way, so be it.”

The fact that I was getting so tired, likely had nothing to do with the end of my capacities or strength but was merely a result of years and years of swimming against the stream. Who would not get tired?

The penny dropped here today, in India with the pulse diagnosis. I just had to relax, like with the pulse diagnosis, think profoundly of what I wanted without doing or trying anything else, trusting things have their own ways beyond my understanding…..and allow somebody (be it the Vaidya, the universe, God or Einstein’s energy) to open gates for miracles to happen, change my body and my life into true happy matters…Einstein’s theory E=MC2 ( energy becomes matter) meeting Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis.

So this weekend re-check which motto of life you are actually living by and rethink twice what your true wish is in life. Be careful what you wish for it might become true, give energy to the right matter, E=MC2…tattoo it on your pulse ASAP! 032c729e1dbb7564ff969cc89dcbe780 For myself, from now on, I was going to float in this river and see where the  streaming would bring me. For sure much further than where I got till this far. 1b6b8448159a699b406ad8e14defda73

Ayurvedic India day 10-11: Messenger pulse diagnose…..are we the “Nouveau Riche” of the universe?- part 2


We all know the feeling when somebody is staring at us from our backs. We sense actually the energy from someone else looking at us. There are no evidences how we can feel it, but we all know what I am talking about it.

In a daily life we don’t do a lot with this unexplainable capacity that we have. But the Vaidyas from the Raju family have been “trained” in the skills of Science of Life ( In Sanscrit: Ayurveda) ever since they were little. So the impact of energy ( yours, mine, from food or from anything on earth or in the universe) is for them as an Ayurvedic Whatsapp, you need to know how to download the app, be connected to the universal WIFI and have a  strong provider.

You may remember that they poured a special milky liquid through my nose during my banana treatment, just because the stars were on a specific position that day. That time, I went along with whatever the vaidya were asking, I just wanted to fulfil my baby dream, but to be honest I was not very into Astronomy. The only star I once in a while read about was baby star ” North” West (you know from the Sun planet Kim around which our universe seems to be orbiting nowadays).

It is not that I look down at the floor while I am walking, avoiding the sky. I do appreciate, like everybody else, a beautiful sky and who does not love to spot a falling star. But geeking around what is where and the ins and outs of the black whole….besides simple being too busy running my own little universe, I guess I was simply not into it.

However the more I was in India, the more, mysterious India was getting into my veins. The vaidyas did so many miracles here in the clinic ( tell you more about it this week), if they were praying all night long on auspicious days just because of some star, perhaps I -with big caps- was missing out on something?

I started to question and put away the “unlikeliness” that stars and planets have any influences on us. Who do we think we actually are, thinking that in fact it would influence everything and skip us?

Every 12 hours the attraction of the moon pulls the water towards him, creating ebbs and flows. If the moon can attract the sea why would it not attract us (we are 50-65% water), even if just a little? Why would we think we stay immune vs a  small drop in the ocean, simple cause we are not “schooled or interested” to perceive it? And if a moon can do this, what about the billions of stars and planets out there in our own galaxy that surrounds us?

The more you dive into the topic the more infinite it becomes, quite overwhelming to comprehend and too big to make sense to our brain. If you are a control freak , like me,  and likes putting things in sizeable boxes,  Astronomy is like an itchy woollen sweater.

But seeing the vaidya curing so many bodies that were given up on, this itchy astronomy sweater started to soften up on me. Although loving quotes and reading books to make sense to my little life, I discovered actually that the story of the universe had a real poetic, touchy side and gave so many answers on things we break our heads over.

We might feel we have little in common with the universe as it looks all smart, fancy and perfect. But actually it is thanks to its Imperfection that the earth and life were created and we are hopping around. So if an imperfect universe is working fine with billions and billions of star and planets travelling on crazy speeds, why are WE all the time trying to be perfect?

The more I read the more I understood that there is nothing to control about in life. We live as if we were the centre of existence, and we fully under control, but with 1000km/hour around our own orbit and 102.000km/hour around the sun, the universe was very kind to give us a gravity safety belt to keep us on this planet and we’d rather just follow universal rules instead of following the ideas of a brain that reaches to a miserable10% of its capacity ( if you are lucky).

The universe is out there and fully working for billions and billions of years, what do we pretend to know in the miserable  2,5 million of years that we are around? So lets all just stop acting like the “Nouveau Riche” of the universe, live life as a true miracle and just surrender and float by the universal powers, like just our Messenger Pulse Doctor in India tomorrow ( the last part of the messenger pulse episode)

cecf3183f5720a1dc006c5d0217ba467As a change to the Facebook quotes and articles, free up an evening to see this great movie to understand that what is out there for you. Be at awe and fall in love, just like Albert Einstein, Stephan Awkins (and humble me, next to them) did.

Day 10 -11 Ayurvedic India: Messenger pulse diagnosis……mysteries in life ( part 1)



The last two days have been a bit dark, but today I was hopping around again. Could it be the fatal cocktail of the beads and the Patronus exercise? It has been only 2 days, nevertheless I was really over my dark Dementor episodes, sparkling around and  “Dancing on the moonlight” just like the song.

Whatever you have been thinking of my Ayurvedic experience till so far; trust me if I say: at least get the black beads.

You see the Smirti medicine is a necessary evil, it is restoring your body from a deep level, but it is no free lunch, you have to go through some emotional and physical hustle and pressure to get a diamond out there ( If you missed out, see sniper story).

The black beads however are a real quick and dirty emergency mood fixer. I am surprised that LA celebrities are not already on it. No calories, herbal, eco and they are a bunch of cute sweet black shining little balls.

Long story short, I was my usual vibrant self again. I was relieved with my “mood du jour”, cause today I was seeing the Vaidya for quite a little something and it was absolutely required that my mood was anything close to the vibe: ” Put your hands up in the air”.

As you may remember, every day I went and saw the Vaidya for my pulse diagnose. Usually directly after I was going to my cleansing Pancha Karma Treatment. But today I was going to see the Vaidya for a special pulse diagnose: The messenger pulse diagnosis.

Let me get you softly and slowly there or else you could experience some ratio resistance.

Did this ever happen to you: you are in a public space and have your back turned to somebody, but you just feel 2 eyes pinching on your back. You know that there is somebody staring at you. You turn around and yes, it is true.

Scientifically it has been identified that the activity of single brain cells find that particular cells fire when someone is staring right at you, but—amazingly—not when the observer’s gaze is averted just a few degrees to the left or right of you. I have checked on google, but other than that there is not a lot more research about it.

But the question is: do you need to have scientific proof for you to believe that this happened? You have your own eyes, heart and mostly your own intuition


So you have experienced yourself to have a very unexplainable capacity to sense things or feel somebody’s energy. Well, take now this undeveloped quality that you have and imagine now that your parents from day 1 teach you how to nurture and improve to listen to it. Imagine then that your parents are very knowledgeable and have very fine-tuned awareness and intuition about the body and the universe. On top of it, you have 500 years of family Ayurvedic know-how of life ( Ayurveda means Science of Life) at your disposal. Can you imagine then that not only you are able to feel somebody’s energy behind your back, but perhaps even from a longer distance? If I got you till this point then you are ready to go to read about Messenger pulse Diagnosis with me tomorrow. If you need some extra rational comfort, read some of Einstein’s energy theory and join later.


Ayurvedic India….time line of your “ordinary” Ayurvedic day


People have all wild imaginations of me being in an Ayurvedic Clinic. Hours of meditation, readings lots of books…..But actually doing properly a deep cleansing ( Pancha Karma), is a true work out.

Try to do this on your ordinary day and you can imagine how it is to do in a sweating hot India with no airco ( Airco is not good for your “doshas”)

This is how an Ayurvedic day look likes:

  • 05:30 Wake up at sunrise: take your Smirti ( prescribed between 3:30-5:30)
  • 05:45 Meditation ( Transidential meditation, prayer or what ever helps to rule your brain rather than the other way around)
  • 06:15 Wash and get ready
  • 06:45 (ish) car pick up
  • 07:00 Visit Hindu temple for your “prescribed” temple rounds or Yoga in the park
  • 07:45 Back to the clinic
  • 08:00 Consultation
  • 08:30 (ish)Breakfast ( the waiting for consultation can be very long leaving you sometimes less than 5 min to eat and you can’t switch it around as it is better do your pulse on an empty stomach)
  • 08:45  Meet and Greet with my holy “fertility” cow
  • 09:00 Start morning treatments
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Afternoon Basti ( enemas, can also take place in the morning or evening, depending on type of Basti)
  • 14:30 Start afternoon treatments
  • 17:00 Finish afternoon treatment
  • 18:00 Meditation
  • 19:00 Pandit ritual prior to eating or roof top fire ritual on thursdays
  • 19:15  Dinner
  • 19:45 prescribed walk after eating
  • 20:00 Treatment and massage in your room before sleeping
  • 21:30 Sleep

In the beginning ( first week more or less) you don’t have your bastis yet, then you have a little bit more time. So if you have to do some shopping or do some short quick and dirty sight seeing, then during this week is your chance After that it is full-time dedication to your body

Ayurvedic India Day 4-5: Banana treatment ending soon looking forward for my pulse diagnose #Ayurveda

Paranormal pulse

I had two more days to go to end the Ayurvedic banana treatment here at the Raju Clinic in Hyderabad and I was ready for the next step.

Whereas in Germany I only did 3 days of banana during the days of biggest flow, here in India you have to go till the very last drop, which in my case lasted 5 long, long days.

After 5 days of isolation upon arrival in India, I was really craving for some “normal” food (whatever that may be in Ayurvedic India) and for some ET contact with my own “species”. I lost appetite after only eating milk rice 3 times per day and having only hot water on the menu. The rest of the time I spend it fighting with my mosquito at night. Finally, the night when he actually disappeared, I even ended up missing him.

On top of it all, I did not even see any Indian Ayurvedic doctor (the Vaidya) yet. I was not allowed to. When you are in the “red zone”, you are considered impure and my “dirty” status would contaminate his “connection with the powers of the universe”, I guess. I have been told they have to go home, wash and scrub themselves if by chance they even slightly touch any part of an impure body. So don’t shake hands when you see him and wait till you have completely dried up.

As you can imagine I was dying to see the Vaidya. In the meanwhile, my neighbour Patrick lighted up even more my curiosity when he had debriefed me about what these people do as it is simply incredible and for what he had told me, in my eyes all in a quite unorthodox way.

Simply by holding Patrick’s pulse with his finger tops, he felt not only what you were suffering about right now but also what has happened in your past. The Vaidya asked him “Did you broke something 15 years ago”. At that moment, my neighbour was puzzled but after a while when he already got out of the clinic, it did ring a bell. He did indeed 15 years ago brake his shoulder bone. How could he possibly have felt this? In my case I ruined my own surprise pulse party all by myself, as I told him already over the phone that I was having fertility issues (so don’t tell anything before going if you want to keep the suspense). Nevertheless, I was dying to know if I was a desperate case or if there was at least some Ayurvedic hope for me?

Soon enough for I would know, but I was not there yet.

I first had to go through my last two banana days and India would not have been India if things did not change or would stay on a clear paved road.

Control freaks out there, don’t panic. The end is near. Take a deep breath and just like in the Best Exotic Marigold hotel movie say out loud the only mantra that is left now as you are any how lost in Ayurvedic translation:

all will be fine on the end